Gruyère is of course a cheese. No. It’s THE cheese!

And Gruyères is a medieval village in the heart of the region producing that cheese.

Gruyères was designed

“Most beautiful village in French-speaking Switzerland 2014”
“UNWTO Best Tourism Village 2021”

Overlooking the village, the 13th century castle houses prestigious collections that testify to its rich history.

Much closer to our time, the Giger Museum is dedicated to the works of the Swiss artist Hans Ruedi Giger, who died in 2014, and who created the monsters of the film “Alien”. Come shiver with anguish before comforting yourself in one of the many traditional restaurants by tasting a fondue, a chalet soup or alpine macaroni.

I will guide you through the walls, on this rocky outcrop, telling you how the last Count of Gruyères went bankrupt in 1554, as his jester had predicted.
After a stop at the cheese factory, we will visit one of the most famous chocolate factories, the Maison Cailler.