Discovering the Rhone river and its cliffs

Junction of the 2 famous rivers in Geneva – The Rhone and the Arve

If you like nature, walking next to rivers, in order to discover secrets of hidden parts of Geneva that most tourists do not visit, then this tour is yours. We will be walking next to the Rhone, climbing up in the woods to reach the famous bridge, from where you can have a spectacular view of the junction of the two magnificient rivers. If you would rather take a boat on the Rhone, it is also a relaxing option instead of walking.

Next to the Rhone, joining the docks of Seujet, you’ll see the dam which regulates the level of the lake and its Fishway. Then, we will be going up the stairs and entering the famous wooden Park called La Bâtie where an old fort used to be in the old times and fallen into ruin, pass by the local zoo and reach the Junction brige. Then we can have a drink on a beautiful terrasse to end the tour before going back downtown.