UN and the international organizations

Visiting the International aera is a must for whatever reason you have come to Geneva.

The Unites Nationes Palace with its 193 flags representing each country-member is the emblem of the contribuation of Genva and Switzlerand to the world by trying to make it a more peaceful place to live in.

In front of the the UN, there is the famous broken chair made out of 500 kg of wood.  It is an artistic creation to protest against the construction of the anti-personal mines which explose now and then in some regions of the world by injuring young people mainly who become disabled for loss of a legg or arms.

100000 visitors come every year to find out more about the UN by queuing up and booking a special one hour guiding, for safety reasons.

That is not all you can see, there is much more. there are 35 organisations related to UN, such as ILO, WHO, WOMPI, WTO. They are all situated in green parks, which were in the past private properties of aristocrats which have been opened to public by Geneva’s authorities.

We will also see Ghandi’s statue and the Japanes bell offered by respective countries and we will be walking inside of a beautiful park belonging to Ariana museum (ceramics).