CAROUGE, Little Italy of Geneva

Why coming to Carouge? Because it’s very romantic!

Carouge is born in XVIII century. Before, it was a gathering of poor hamlets, floaded regularly by the topsy turvy river called Arve. The king of Sardaigne wanted to build a royal town in order to compete with the Calvinist and austere Geneva. He found the right spot, as Carouge had no walls surrounding it. He asked his best architects to construct avenues with perspectives. He also installed different cults, whereas it was still forbidden in Geneva, to be able to worship and to practice whatver religion the newcoming had. This is how Jewish came back in this region and they even had a synagogue and a cemetery in Carouge.

The architural style in carouge is called  Sardaigne-Piemont, which is being distinguished by low, two-storey pastel color buidlings, which have backyards with Mediterranean plants. In ancient times, the Carouge bridge provided a major trade link between the Mediterranean and southern Germany, via Lyon or the Saint-Bernard pass.

Carouge is the little Italy of Geneva and with its bohemian way of living,  we all would like to live in;  little restaurants, flowery terraces, antiques and boutique encircled by famous chocolate shops.  The Carouge market, on Saturdays or Wednesdays, is worth a visit for its local products.

We can start from your hotel, if situated in town. Otherwise, we will set a meeting point. Then we will either walk to Carouge or take the tramway which is an interesting point of view to cross the Arve river

Useful informations

Duration: minimum 2 hours.
Other possibilities are available for 3-6 hours, including lunch
Participants: minimum 1, maximum 12

This tour can be combined with: Treasures of the old town of Geneva

Costs (1-6 persons): 2 hours: CHF 200.-
Other fees on request

By public transportation (very efficient) or your own car ou private van or coach. If you’re staying in a hotel in Geneva, you get a free transportation card.