The Little Italy of Geneva called Carouge

Why coming to Carouge ? Because it is very romantic!

Carouge is born in XVIII century. Before, it was a gathering of poor hamlets, floaded regularly  by the topsy turvy river called l’Arve. The king of Sardaigne wanted to build a royal town in order to compete with the Calvinist and austere Geneva . He found the right spot, as Carouge had no walls surrounding it. He asked his best architects to construct avenues with perspectives. He also installed different cults, whereas it was still forbidden in Geneva, to be able to worship and to practice whatver religion the newcoming had. This is how Jewish came back in this region and they even had their synagogue in Carouge.

The architural style in carouge is called  Sardaigne-Piemont, which is being defined by low colorful buidlings only 2 floors height, which have a back yard with